We love taking the best care for our guests. From the moment you arrive until the time of you leave, you will allways  receive first class services. Do not hesitate to eat in our restaurant. We promise that your stay with us will be like nothing nothing you have experienced before.


Bahía San Luis Gonzaga. Baja California peninsula, México.

Our rooms

Offering a pleasant and relaxing stay, which allows you to enjoy every corner of the bay by means of our restaurant that offers products of the region and the different services directed to explore the bay like boat rides, sport fishing, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.

At the Alfonsinas Hotel we are committed to prevailing the natural resources that the Bay of San Luis Gonzaga allows us to enjoy reducing the human impact on the environment in order to combine the flowering and natural development of ecosystem and the leisure and relaxation of our visitors to Through our facilities thought that your stay is as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Low environmental impact practices

Solar panels

The 100% of our energy comes from solar panels.

Water wells

Our drinkable water is acquired from water wells in our surroundings.

Common areas

We use common areas to recharge electrical appliances.

Air conditioning

Only avaible on summer (from june 7pm a 7am).

Our rules:

We are dedicated to a model of sustainable tourism, that’s why the following rules are very important within our installations:

  1. Cooking is not allowed either inside our outisde of the rooms.
  2. Pets cannot enter in the hotel.
  3. Respect the speed limit. .
  4. it’s forbidden to light and keep fires on the beach.
  5. No littering on the beach, especially cigarette ends.
  6. Grills of any type ate not allowed.
  7. Eviscerating is not allowed.
  8. Visitors cannot stay on the landing strip.
  9. Fireworks are strictly forbidden.
  10. Loud music isn’t permitted after 10:00 PM.